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MSA Commodities UG is a fast growing company dealing in all your general trading requirements dealing with products ranging from the electrical industry to fabric and textiles. With a combined experience of around 18yrs in the industry, we know our customers and suppliers come first.

We are currently looking for new business relationships to expand our customer/supplier base in both Germany and worldwide for Germany and exporting trade.

 We deal in precious metals  ,industrial metals, electrical ranging products and other certain commodities including fabrics and textiles that don't require licensing regulations. We can provide you with the best prices and services possible. If you are a wholesaler then send us an email with what offers you have available for us!

Please see below for commoditie types we deal in.

We also deal in any electrical wire and any other commodities you have in bulk , please contact us for more info


What are precious metals?

This is a general term for expensive metals that are used for making coins, jewelry, and ornaments. The name is limited to gold, silver, and platinum. Expense or rarity does not make a metal precious, but rather it is a value set by law that states that the object made of these metals has a certain intrinsic value. The term is not synonymous with "noble metals," although a metal (such as platinum) may be both noble and precious.

i.e Gold , Silver, Platinum


Industrial Metals

Metals that can be used in industrial and everyday home applications/appliances including:

Copper , tin , nickel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, steele and recycled steele.


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